Engaged, motivated and aligned teams

Learn. Develop. Grow.

Global Executive Coach, Team Catalyst
& Leadership Development Facilitator.

The statements above are examples of outcomes I can deliver for you, your leaders and their teams. I have a track record of great results working internationally and virtually across the world in both technology and the third sector. 

I specialise in helping leaders realise more of their potential, inspiring and engaging their teams to achieve greater results for their businesses and stakeholders. 

I bring 10 years global sales experience and 20 years in sales and leadership development at Dell. I have worked across many cultures and several languages.

I would be delighted to work with you, your team or organisation to support you in clearly defining and attaining your goals.

Which service interests you?

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a highly personalised form of learning and self development. It helps leaders to bring about change, effective action, personal growth and improved performance. These in turn lead to higher team performance and better results for the business. 

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps teams to function effectively and successfully. I work with teams to help build the enabling conditions that are needed for them to thrive – a compelling direction, strong structure, supportive context and a shared mindset.   I can analyse how well your team is set up for success and support you in identifying where improvement is needed. 

Leadership Development

Leaders are mostly made, not born. The ability to effectively lead, motivate and direct a group of people requires a complex set of skills, acquired through experiences, self development and training. I help leaders develop these skills through assessment, reflection, challenge and support.

Neil is a master facilitator. I have had the opportunity to work alongside him several times with senior leader audiences. He has a calm reassuring style, deep experience, and easily holds the attention of participants. He can expertly open up and share the ‘collective wisdom’ of a class to the benefit of everyone present, and he will ensure that every voice is heard.

I would recommend him without hesitation.