Executive Coaching

Coaching is used by business leaders to bring many and various benefits. It has been shown in randomised trials (in this FT article) to be effective – not just in the opinion of the coachees, but also that of their managers.

Some of the benefits that coaching can bring include:

  • Helping you to establish goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • Establishing longer-term professional and career strategies, tailored to your needs, values, goals and where you’d like to get to.
  • Serving as a strategic thinking partner, a trusted adviser and an objective sounding board
  • Giving you time to think
  • Helping to hone your management and leadership skills
  • Finessing an authentic executive presence
  • Enhancing communication skills – from inspirational and engaging presentations, to coaching and conflict resolution

Socrates reportedly said ‘I cannot teach you anything, I can only make you think’. Coaching involves listening in a focused and mindful way, using questions as prompts to help you both reflect and then find the right solutions for yourself.

I use an integrative model of coaching and subscribe to the Association for Coaching’s Global Code of Ethics 

Other Services

Leadership Development

Leaders are mostly made, not born. The ability to effectively lead, motivate and direct a group of people requires a complex set of skills, acquired through experiences, self development and training. I help leaders develop these skills through assessment, reflection, challenge and support.

Team Coaching

Team coaching helps teams to function effectively and successfully. I work with teams to help build the enabling conditions that are needed for them to thrive – a compelling direction, strong structure, supportive context and a shared mindset.  I can analyse how well your team is set up for success and support you in identifying where improvement is needed. 

What I loved with Neil during our coaching was his capacity to listen carefully and ask the right question at the right time. Neil valued me a lot, that was very helpful to gain self-confidence. I always appreciated how I felt with him. It’s not only about his words or only about his behaviour, it’s just how he is and how he made me feel.

Being coached by someone like Neil has been a gift for me and he is one of the reasons why I succeed in my career today.